Network Drones

In the first 72 hours of a disaster, access to information is essential. Network Drones is a hardware and software solution providing a framework for determining how many people were affected, what resources are available and communication channels. Unmanned aerial vehicles establish scalable emergency communications and information networks, thus, enabling emergency responders to better coordinate relief efforts.

The unpredictable nature of a disaster proves to be a challenge. Whether it is a drone, blimp or balloon, each can carry different modules depending on what is needed. By leveraging existing technologies like APRS, Open BTS, and other platforms, we can create modules that can be easily deployed. The exchange of information can be the difference on how many lives are saved.

Submission for UNICEF First 72 Hours Competition

Project by: Edwin Reed-Sanchez and Pilar Zaragoza

Pilar is founder of WhiteBox Communications.