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Happy Heart Circuit Design

  HeartHappy Design Link


Meteor Game Controller – Midterm Development

For My P-comp midterm I did initial research and development of a video game controller…

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Microscopic Pictures

Microscopic Pictures Can you guess what it is?   A.   B.  C.  D. E. …

bladeRF install Surface Pro

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a powerful Windows touch screen tablet with an i5 processor.…

Heart Acid – Circuit Design and Prototyping #3

A heart made with Acid, surface mount components   and love.

Surface Pro dual boot Windows Ubuntu 14.04 BROKE (SOLVED)

All of sudden my Surface Pro dual boot Windows Ubuntu 14.04 BROKE.   BOOT SOLUTION FOR…

errors running yate on bladerf

Primitive: Handshake Info: 0 —– 2015-01-06_19:56:04.032158 <mbts:MILD> TRXManager.cpp:283:sendCommandPacket: TRX link timeout on attempt 1 ^[CX2015-01-06_19:56:05.033246…

Invertors in the real world.

Great Video Explaining Invertors