Community Cellular Networks

SayCel is a cellular network project for small and rural communities.There are many places through out the world that have inadequate or exorbitantly expensive services. I believe communications is a modern human right, and in the future communities should own and operate their own cellular networks, and local 911 services.  

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SayCel was my thesis project @NYU ITP. During the spring break of 2015, I assembled a team consisting of Ciaby (Rhizomatica), Thomas Pruett (Radio Likkle I), and Mikel Britton (Bluefields Sound System) to install and run a feasibility test for a Community Cellular Network, located on Little Corn Island.

We used a Nuran LiteCel, Terrawave Omni-dirrectional Antenna, and a Jetway Solid State Computer loaded with a OsmoBSC, and a specialized version of Rhizomatica Front End.

The installation took 6 days, and was supported by the Community Government of Little Corn Island.